Cutting Sugar As Much As Possible Wont Get You Hungry

Traditional anti-candida diets don’t work for some people while the Atkins diet does, but there is another healthier way to do it. The reason people lose weight on the Atkins Diet is because they are cutting out all of the bad carbs, not because it is high protein. We should include good carbs though and cut out the bad carbs. I feel better on and believe we need carbs in our diet, but we need vegetables and whole grains as carbs, not sugar and not refined flour. It is all sugar and all flours that are the culprit. Bacterial and funguses in our bodies are much better at digesting these simple carbohydrates.

If you cut out as much sugar and as much refined flour as possible (especially flours with gluten), you will not get as hungry and will have no problem or less problems with candidiasis. Your body processes simple carbs too quickly, your stomach empties too quickly, and you are hungry again and you have given the candida a good feeding. I agree with Atkins that we need fat in out diet, but we need no more than 30% fat and it should be the good healthy fats, like Flax seed, olive oil, safflower, etc., not animal fat, including cheese.

I am not vegan. I do eat fish and chicken. I use a little pure maple syrup for tea and hot oatmeal cereal and I use refined flour to bread eggplant but everything else is whole grain. I’ve been on every diet to lose weight there is and have had problems with candida for 20 years.

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