Curing Yeast Rashes Around Body With Ozonated Olive Oil

This guy asked if there is anyone else has yeast rashes around the body besides the groin area. He was diagnosed with psoriasis around the same time he had this chronic yeast infection. But, it doesnt look like psoriasis anymore. It looks like the same yeasty type rashes around his groin that never ever go away no matter which prescription strength cream he uses. He means they will go away, but they always come back and he hates it. Now, he has it on his penis and it really aggravates him. He just wants to know if there are people who have these rashes in other areas like the legs and arms and such.

When I got true hives all over my legs and arms, I have to take double anti-histamines just to have it at a tolerable level. It isn’t an open sore type of rash and moves from one spot or another. It has been hell. The only thing that helped me at all was Sporanox, but my doctor wouldn’t let me stay on it because of possible liver damage.

Ozonated olive oil applies topically, perhaps? Nothing survives that, not even drug-resistant bacteria. Psoriasis is seen as a toxin and autoimmune disorder. The procedure is to detoxify of course, then ensure your receptor sites on the cells are not malformed. Ambrotose AO is especially good for this purpose and many autoimmunes respond favourably to it. Also, buy some food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% and pour a cup or two into really hot bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes. This is not an overnight cure, but it will kill the yeast rash. I also use to use ozonated olive oil after my soak.

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