Curing Chest Pain From Candida Symptoms

Someone asked if I have ever experienced chest pain in the form of pressure from the inside out from the candida symptoms. It feels like someone is gently and slowly nudging her with a small fist about an inch to the left of the center of her chest. It is a very strange and scary feeling. She has had numerous amounts of symptoms and this is not one. Usually, her chest pain is just normal pain. It has happened 3 times in 10 minutes.

I often have those same symptoms. I know my heart is healthy because I have even been to the ER. It could be yeast in your esophagus or mild anxiety. Take a nice bath, maybe with some epsom salts. Warm bath would be out as yeast likes it warm. I would make it cooler. If you are fortunate enough, have someone massage your upper back and shoulders to relax the muscles in the area behind your chest.

Whatever you do, don’t freak out. If you want to verify that this is not a serious condition, you may want to have tests done at your doctor’s office. Until then, know that you are more powerful than the yeast. It is trying to scare you, but you have to know that with time and consistent practice of positive health choices, it will eventually lose.

I had some flagyl (for parasites) and it relieved it. I suffered with it 4 days. Keep your bowels open. It could be parasites. I had one pass thru my heart. The day it was doing this, I went to the doctor. She did an EKG and found nothing, and then put me on a heart pill for the next year. My blood pressure went up also and the next day I had my first die-off. Seven days later I passed this parasite.

It could also be stress and gallbladder. Do a liver cleanse as soon as possible. The herxheimer reaction (die-off) and cleansing detoxification isn’t all that bad, you might feel crummy like coming down with a cold or flu. Do the liver cleanse straight away as it will help reduce the detoxification reaction

Why would you want to hold on to something hurting you and causing you so much discomfort? What would be the payoff/benefit in that? Seriously, your system is clogged up and created a nice environment for the candida to get a foothold. Once again, do the cleanse this weekend if you can because it will really speed your recovery!

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