Considering Acupuncture for Your Candida Treatment

I don’t know how many people have considered acupuncture, but I would recommend it in addition to your candida treatment. TCM is the only system that has worked in the slightest for me. Four years of chronic sinusitis all but disappeared after my first visit, my doctor working on my spleen and stomach meridians in my legs. Try it before you think it is hoax. While he didn’t specifically diagnose me with a Candida infection, he said I had excess dampness (mucous) in my digestive tract and malabsorption of nutrition was resulting.

After I told him my symptoms, he looked at my tongue, and checked my pulse. So far, with western doctors I have had about 10 blood tests in the past three years with no exceptional results, confused specialists, and a doctor or two trying to convince me that my health problems are psychosomatic.

But, if no one here has considered visiting a traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, I recommend they give it a try. This system of medicine begins with a different and more holistic approach which disallows ‘overlooking’ the root of all candida symptoms, even if the rhetoric is different. Keep in mind that when I still struggle with a symptom set, the acupuncture and dietary advice helped substantially.

Acupuncture can be very beneficial. However, my acupuncture Dr. told me that the longer you have had whatever problem, the longer it will take. Besides, sometimes acupuncture is not cost effective, and not covered under insurance. It is great if you found an acupuncturist who would work with you and your budget! I do acupressure on myself almost daily, and it does help.

Cure candida project website is a great resource for people who want a complete and natural cure for their candidiasis. They provide honest support to get you reach the dream you always wanted, a healthy life. You may also enjoy reading through the get rid of candida blog which can be found at Candida Home Treatment website.

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