Coffee Enemas Recipe for Helping Yeast Infection Treatment

Someone I know has just heard that coffee enemas are quite helpful and she is glad to hear it helped my yeast infection treatment. She wants to do one, but she heard that one has to use a specific kind of coffee. She wonders if that is true and what kind of coffee I use.

I used regular organic beans that I ground myself. You must use organic coffee, or you will be putting too many pollutants and chemicals into your system. This cannot be brewed in your coffee maker, so you can go to Curezone as I believe it is posted there.

Well, here is the recipe I followed.
3 heaping tablespoons of organic coffee, ground
2 quarts of water

Put the coffee in the water and bring to a gentle boil (preferably in a metal or glass pot, not non-stick). Boil gently uncovered for 3 minutes. Cover and simmer for 17 minutes more. Allow to cool to body temperature, strain. I did not strain it, but just skimmed the coffee off the top and left the grounds on the bottom. They will clog your enema line so you want as few as possible to get into your solution! Gently insert solution, and lie on your back massaging your stomach. Switch to side and massage each side. The more you massage, the more that comes loose.

Attempt to retain for 15 minutes, if you can. If not, it is as long as you can hold it. Follow up with a clean warm water enema or lemon juice enema, to get all the coffee out if you want. Just remember organic coffee only!

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