Clearing and Treating Dairy Allergy

Take one day at a time to find out if you have a dairy allergy. When I am able to find the strength and willpower, I would finish my meal and I crave, really crave, something sweet or bread or cake. I would fight it and have coffee with cream or half. Now, I know we are limited in our dairy, but for me it would get me past the hump and once I got past the hump, my will power could kick in again. It didnt always work, but the more I did that and the more days that pass the easier it is to avoid the craving and the less strong the craving became.

Do you use digestive enzymes and HCI? This will help with the craving because by using this, you will start absorbing your nutrients. I used to out eat my husband quantity wise, but since using Digestive Enzymes and HCI, I just don’t have the urges to eat so much are crave the sugary carbs. Just try to lose the dairy for a month or buy some dark chocolate. It is made without dairy/milk, and you may just after dinner allow yourself just one square of dark chocolate as a treat for making it through the day with out dairy. Then, when you have concurred that move to the next phase. Please keep in mind that caffeine is not good for the healthy bacteria we are trying to re-establish in our intestines. I hate to be a downer and always have all in moderation.

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