Cleansing Ingredients for My Gut Healing

My friend was doing a candida cleanse using bentonite clay, psyllium husks, and grapefruit seed extract. She was very hopeful, as she would had some results using them before. And although she didn’t move often, when she did, her feces were always filled with what looked like white yarn. She wonders if it is candida. But this time, for two nights it felt like her intestines were being scraped with a burning hot pot scrubber.

She was constipated, in pain, and generally gave up on the scheme after a little over a week. She didn’t have the money for probiotics at the time, so just ate a lot of plain yogurt and Sauerkraut. But, something went wrong, and since then, some old symptoms that she had recovered from with the help of acupuncture have come back, such as her nose begins getting congested as soon as she eats anything without knowing the reason. She thinks she will stop trying to kill the candida, and just work instead on keeping my diet clean and moderate, and trying to mend her gut with L-glutamine (when she can afford it).

My Naturopath advises against using psyllium husks as they are very harsh on your digestive system, especially so if you have problems with your digestive system. The L-Glutamine is a good idea. Also, get some licorice drops (herbs) and some aloe juice! These are the 3 ingredients for my gut healing that I was using. As for the internal cleansing, I use ground flax seed in some juice and water 2 tablespoons a day (twice a day if you like) to help relieve constipation. I was also using UNDA numbers. If you have a health food store near you, you can probably get some. I used them for liver and kidney cleanses. The most important thing is to drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day.

I hope this article "Cleansing Ingredients for My Gut Healing" has met what you expect to read and that you gain some important information that your are looking for. If you feel that this article is not enough for you, or still missing something, I personally suggest that you get a complete report and also great support for you on cure candida project website.

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