Cleansing Before Doing Candidiasis Treatment

A friend wants to know how many drops of the Hydroxygen I take daily now and how many I took before when I was still on candidiasis treatment. She doesnt think she has a really bad case, but she thinks it is systemic. She needs to know how much of the Active enzymes I take as well since she is going to add them. She has also read that I did other cleansings that she wonders what I have done.

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink purified water with 16 drops of Hydroxygen in it. I work outdoors and in the hot summer days drink a lot of water with Hydroxygen in it, but on average this time of year from 48 to 64 drops. I know of people who detoxify on 1 drop and would be better off if they did a different cleanse first.

I think Dr. Schulze has the best cleansing products. In answer to her question, I did both his intestinal cleanse and his #2 which is stronger. He has a liver cleanse, gall bladder, kidney cleanse. To get rid of any disease, begins with the cleanse. I now take 3 Active enzymes a day. One with my morning shake (I don’t drink coffee) and one with each meal. The first time it took me about 3 months, but I was not always good with the diet. One thing about the Active Enzymes is one ingredient is carbohydrate which helps digest flour and sugar products, helps with gluten related toxicity. It is the best enzyme product I have ever seen, and I have been taking enzymes for years.

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