Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, a Pediatric Disease

Someone has just found out that probably her problem is Candida Albicans. She has this problem for more than 10 years already and never knew what was going on with her! Skin problems, big headaches, big stomach pain, and sometimes, mouth and throat completely burning with some sort of ‘bubbles’, which make it difficult to eat or breath.

One time, a doctor at the emergency room from the hospital, told her something about a disease common with babies that she had also. He gave some medicine that didnt help. That was like 10 years ago. Since then, she was really afraid, thinking she had some strange or a really bad disease. Once, she was usually feeling sick, or not totally ok. Now, she has a really bad period again, and almost cant eat with the pain. She needs some help with information over diet and medicines.

Her description above sounds like Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, which is a rare syndrome characterized by recurrent infection by candida albicans mainly in the mouth, and some times in the skin and nails, and also due to the chronicity of infection, but obviously are needed some specific test to confirm or discard this, whereas chronic infection by candida are associated to other disorders, like diabetes, endocrine diseases, HIV or immunosuppressive therapy, and thus it is so important discard this “options” and mainly if your first symptoms began ten year ago.

It is because the CMC is usually a pediatric disease, which beginning early in life and become chronic during all the life. In other situation, this disease can begin after the twenty years or even more, and usually are related to diabetes HIV, or (and is more common) endocrine disease (thyroid or adrenal related disease). If this is your situation, correcting the associated disease (diabetes, etc) can help with candida. But, if the infection is the basis of the disease, you have to be under an appropriate therapy with natural treatments. Obviously, it is so important to confirm that in fact the infection is caused by candida albicans, and confirm or refused other diseases.

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