Choosing the Right Diet and Treatment

The wheels of progress in eating habits move slowly. Twenty years ago, if you asked your doctors about consuming hydrogenated oils in foods, they probably would have told you not to worry. Today, I think we all know that is not the case. So, it is clear, we need to take the initiative for deciding what is right for us. If we wait for “them” to finally figure it out and tell us, it could be too late.

I have to agree that I have been in alternative medicine for a while. My children are not vaccinated nor do they take antibiotics. I nursed them to toddler hood and taken them to a chiropractor to keep them in alignment. And you know what I am told. I am lucky I have healthy kids who dont need them. I have used homeopathy and herbs for earaches. When my son was younger and I didnt have the resources for alternative medicine, he had bouts of ear infections with lots of antibiotics. When they suggested tubes, I read everything I could and went for chiropractic and herbs. My daughter has had only 2 ear infections and they were cleared in a day or 2 compared to weeks with my son.

I have seen so many told that all the alternative is hocus pocus. I believe we all create our own reality. What we believe will always be supported in our experience. We attract it all. So, from now on while fighting this disorder, we should better choose it well.

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