Choosing Coconut Oil From the Holistic View

What I look at when I choose coconut oil is the natural holistic view. If a food is treated like it is just a manufacturing product and subjected to chemical extraction and factory processing, it wont be a healthy thing to eat. Expeller pressed is fine, but if they put the term refined on the label as such, it must be chemically extracted and processed, and not something I would call a good food.

Organic status was not related to an oils status as virgin or any other category someone might label it under. There are all kinds of virgin olive oil being sold as such that is no where is near being organic. From what I have read the pressing of coconut oil, which ever method is used, is a one shot thing, there is no second pressing, none that is sold as such anyways.

Virgin is applied to oils that are extracted without (very much) heat. Expeller-pressed oil is heated a little to drive off the last of the water. Sometimes the coconut is roasted a bit to quickly dry it first. Similarly, fermented coconut oil is skimmed, and then heated a little to drive off the last of the water.

Real virgin coconut oil is wet milled, expeller pressed while still wet, then chilled. The chilling separates the oil from the juice, and centrifuging dries it out. I guess this is extra virgin, as it is the only zero-heat process. Lots of companies have oil approaching virgin; I chose to represent the best one for the gourmet market. The company also has other oils, such as shea butter.

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