Checking the Ingredients of Everything You Buy

Someone ordered the BioPhase Ultra Pro (cold-processed whey or whey isolate powder) directly from the BioPhase website. It is because she had a hard time ordering it from another source that is sugar-free. Then, after ordering, she saw that the other one had a better version and the BioPhase Ultra Pro had too much sugar. Because she has already ordered BioPhase Ultra Pro, she wonders if its sugar content will harm her. She is fighting a systemic candida infection, but she really just wanted to find a good source for glutathione. She hopes she did not waste her money. She wants to know if I think she should not use this product. She definitely does not want to ruin the progress she has made over the last three months. She also wonders how to consume the cold processed whey.

By this post, I would like to stress to everyone that they should always read the ingredients of everything they buy, particularly if they have a health condition that some ingredients might affect. In this case, I would send back the Ultra Pro, as I believe the 20 percent sugar content is unsuitable given the circumstances. They will refund your money, but you will be out the freight. Better yet, feed it to someone who does not have candida, IBS, IBD, or diabetes.

To consume it, have it mixed with water is most usual, but you could add it to an unsweetened dessert. I think if you are on cold-processed whey and you eat eggs, you will likely have enough organic sulfur to satisfy all your requirements. I have seen a couple of people treated with mercury toxicity and multiple chemical toxicity without using MSM.

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