Cause to Constipation From Increased Oil Amounts

Someone has the Candidiasis and IBS with constipation, so she is now on Atkins eating whole foods, drink anywhere from 96 to 128 oz of water daily and had her BMs under control (1-2 a day) 98% of the time. It was only just before her period that she was still experiencing the constipation and that would release when she started. Adding the coconut oil (3-4 tablespoons) and Flaxseed oil (1 tablespoon) a day, she thought she would have even more BMs, but she is finding that now where her stool was once fluffy, they are very dense and dark and she is constipated.

Now, she also had complicated this by switching from psyllium capsules (14 a day) to FiberSmart (4 a day) for about 10 days, but she has switched back for the moment. She was hoping she could replace the psyllium and the Primal Defense with the FiberSmart. She wonders if maybe she increased the capsule amount. She had bought some inulin, but it contained fructose, so she has not been taking it. She takes Primal Defense.

She is trying to make this easier and keep it simple as she already is taking a lot of supplements and has to go here and there to get them. She has come to the good place in her mind about eating healthy whole foods, so she doesn’t mind the diet at all. She wants her health. It is just that is should not be so difficult to figure it all out. She would like to keep the oils in her diet, but wonders if she needs to cut back some on the amounts. She wants to know if she is incorrect in thinking that she would have more BMs from the added oils.

Flax seed is a soluble fiber and anti-inflammatory, but it does not promote the good bowel bacteria. The commercial product above contains a probiotic all right, but contains nothing to feed it and let it establish a degree of control in the bowel.

As a result, with the coconut oil added to your regime, you have skewed your intestine and bowel flora by killing off something which is susceptible bacteria, yeasts, and viruses, but without also controlling the type of positive bacterial flourish to take its place. So, you still need to do that by using one of the inulin to feed bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, along with the Primal Defense.

Primal Defense is good short term, but if you use it long term you will essentially be wasting the portion of the Primal Defense mix, say about half, that is made of transient yeasts and soil organisms designed to be out-competed by your bifidobacteria population in the bowel as it gets control back. I would recommend switching to a probiotic that contains just human strains of bacteria very soon.

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