Would We Need a Medical Treatment for Systemic Yeast Problems?

My friend asked me if we would usually have a fever accompanying with systemic yeast problem. She has been having an off and on low grade fever for weeks. Yesterday, it was 100 when she was at the doctors office. She has pain in her intestines and there was still a small amount of blood found in her urine. She just came off steroids a month ago. Read more..

What We Should Expect in a Long Time Candida Treatment

This friend of mine who is currently doing candida treatment developed candidiasis in mid-January from a strong use of antibiotic. She has read The Yeast Connection, and now is on the strict diet with taking Nystatin, Caprylic Acid, acidophilus, and garlic supplements. Her symptoms are minimal as long as she doesn’t stray from the diet, but it is precarious at best. From her reading, she anticipated that she would get through this in a short time, but many of candida sufferers I mentioned say they have been treating their symptoms for anywhere from 1 to 6 years! Reading that is devastating and it makes her feels like there is no end to this hell. Read more..

Wasting Money for Candida Probiotics Does Primal Defense Work?

Today is my friends first day of starting the yeast free diet again, along with taking some candida probiotics. She went and bought Primal Defense and also Olive Leaf extract, multivitamin, thymuplex, and golden spleen. Her symptoms were all started 5 years ago with a bacterial infection which she took antibiotics for, and her vaginal burning would go away and then she took antibiotics again when they come back and again and again. She probably took them 10-12 times in the first few years of her problem, not to mention the countless times as a child for recurring ear infections. Read more..

Seven Days Fasting for the Yeast Infection Treatments Quick Progress

Well, by this article, I just wanted to let you all know what one of my friends is up to for a quick progress in her yeast infection treatment. She started a 7 day fast 4 days ago, and today she passed a handful of yeast! She is so happy; it feels hungry but happy. She decided after reading Dr. Brusses book that fasting would benefit her organs and hopefully help with her candida. Her mother did his 30 day fast for cancer, and she got rid of all her yeast also. Thirty days was a bit steep for her, since she still has to cook three meals for her kids, so she read about doing a 7 day fast. Read more..

Self Candida Treatment Without Professional Knowledge Makes You Just Same As Guinea Pig

My friends daughter has been on candida treatment with supplements/vitamins/probiotics for about 5 weeks now and “pretty much” following the diet. She is 17 and has been dealing with sickness for 5 years. Her pediatrician said she might have a sinus infection as she has a lot of drainage in her throat, but she doesn’t want to put her on antibiotics. She needs quick help because her daughter graduates next month and needs to be well for that. Read more..