Yummy Anti Candida Cookie and Salad Recipe

Here in this article, I am going to fulfill the request for a “tried and true” candida cookie recipe. It goes something like this below. Read more..

Yogurt Cheese for Your Candida Snack

I don’t use cheese cream, but I make my own yogurt cheese for some candida snack. I drain the yogurt overnight through a coffee filter in a sieve into a bowl, throw away the liquid and flavor the remaining yogurt with herbs (chives is a favorite and I grow on my windowsill). Use as a veggie dip; it is really good on celery sticks. Also, almond butter is good on celery sticks (you can take this to work with you too!). I am not much on snacking. When I feel hungry in between, I try to drink water first. Sometimes, the water really does the trick (I think I read that sometimes what we sense as hunger is thirst). Read more..

Wonderful Progress in Treating Candidiasis With Atkins Diet

A friend does Atkins diet for treating candidiasis. She occasionally cheats with red potatoes, though. But, she is also doing a plethora of other things, such as cleanses, herbs, probiotic, homeopathic remedies, tonics, etc. This will be her forth complete month doing all this and it is only her liver that is still screwed. Otherwise, her naturopath has found that she is candida free in her colon and spleen now. She will have more to report (hopefully) when she sees her naturopath again. She knows she is not 100% candida-free yet because she still has the acne to prove it, but everything else is working wonderfully. Read more..

Whey Considered As Dairy and Their Difference in Candida Diet

While being on the candida diet, my friend sometimes make a great protein shake in her blender. It is easy to digest, really tastes delicious and has really helped her make it through when she didn’t know what to eat. She makes it by pouring 1-2 cups of soy milk in her blender. She uses Jay Robb’s Whey Vanilla protein powder (sweetened with stevia), about 2-3 grams of L-glutamine powder (heals the gut and immune system), add some flax seed oil, and flax seed meal (important for the omega 3′s). She sometimes adds some ice, and enjoys it! It is delicious. She is going to add some frozen wild organic blueberries when she is better. Read more..

What Is Too Much and Moderation in Candida Diet?

A friend has been doing the candida diet and supplements for about 2 months now or so under the supervision of her doctor. Now, she is pretty much on her own to continue with this food program and she has a couple questions that she hopes I can help her with. Read more..