Yeast Infection Problems When Our Balance Is Out of Whack

This person has had a problem with vaginal yeast infections for years. Also, because of a rash that she is having difficulty getting rid of, her doctor took a skin scraping and sent in into the lab to be analyzed. It came back saying yeast was present. Also, she has a small white dot in her throat that appears to be yeast. What she is wondering is if the yeast could be present, without it being anything other than yeast. She wants to know how often it actually turns out that the yeast is a symptom of a disease, such as diabetes. Read more..

Weird Immune Response When Running for Twenty Minutes

A friend is just wondering if I could shed a bit more light on my exercise for related symptoms. She has found a few strange trends from the exercise, and was wondering if I could relate. Read more..

Untreated Bacterial Vaginitis May Lead to Pelvic Inflammatory

Someone already have this yeast problem and now again she thinks that she is getting bacterial vaginitis again. This is why she is in the situation that she is in with this yeast thing. The doctors put her on triple antibiotics for over 2 months and she told them she can’t take all that medicine because it will give her more yeast problems. But, as you already know how they are, there is no such thing like that. Anyway, she asked me any natural medicine that can cure bacterial vaginitis. She has been looking everywhere, but can’t find anything. If she goes back to the doctor, he will just give her more antibiotics again, and she just can’t take anymore since she is at her wits end with all the stuff. Read more..

Tracing Antibiotics Use Being Candidiasis Cause

A woman I know says that for her candidiasis cause, she can trace her antibiotic use back to when she was 2 years old and was hospitalized for a complicated medical trauma. All her life, she has been sick on and off and of course, on antibiotics. She is now 42 and she has seen GPs, Internal Specialists, Neurologists, ENTs, headache specialists, had allergy injections for 11 years, etc. She has also tried many other avenues like acupuncture, self-hypnosis, countless herbs, etc. She was on epilepsy medication for my headaches/migraines, which she gets 7 days a week. She lost her health care several months ago and only works part-time. Maybe losing her health care was the best thing so far, since it is forced her to seek other alternative methods more aggressively. Without money, there isn’t much that can be done. Read more..

Thrush From Candida Instead of HIV Positive

A few weeks ago, a friend went to her doctor because she had 3 or 4 canker sores and a little white spot about the size of a pinhead on the inside of his cheek (which the doctor told her was thrush). The doctor prescribed a nystatin/lidocaine mouthwash which he used for several days and the white spot disappeared along with the cankers. His question is if any other HIV Negative males have had thrush. He has heard that you can get it from being too stressed out, taking antibiotics, and eating too much sugar (all of which he is guilty of). But, his doctor said that thrush typically only happens in HIV+ males. Now, he is freaked out. He wants to know if there are other people out there in this situation. Read more..