Canola Oil Use in Candida Diet

A friend asked me what my feelings are about Canola oil to use in candida diet. She has done a lot of looking around about it and got freaked out when she reads that it is very dangerous to our health. She later read on an urban legend website that this “Canola oil is poisonous” was a hoax e-mail send around the Internet. So, she is no longer sure what to think of it. It tastes yummy and good for frying, but the thought of it coming from a poisonous plant and being genetically modified to be “safe” really freaks her out. She wonders what other unhealthy crap the system lets through.

If you like canola oil, you will love coconut oil; it is good. Here is my knowledge regarding canola oil. Rape seed is the original form of canola before the genetic manipulation was done to make canola. Rape seed oil is 40-50 percent erucic acid, which is why it was genetically changed to get rid of that fatty acid. Canola oil still contains this compound in lesser amounts. I avoid using anything with canola oil in it, but then I avoid all commercially manufactured fats and oils. It is not easy to avoid ingesting canola oil, it eliminates a lot of processed food from the diet, but that is a good thing, too.

From things I have read on the internet, I am taking a second look at seed oils in general. It is important to educate yourself on the information that are not available just anywhere.

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