Candidiasis Giving Excess Mucus Due to Dairy and Gluten

My friend is curious about the connection between candida infections and excess mucus. She is constantly spitting out mucus from her throat. She was just wondering if others have the same thing to deal with or not. If excess mucus production is a natural outcome of candida overgrowth, she needs any good information for it.

That were the Candidiasis comes into play. It is not all you; it is extremely difficult to have control when the Candidiasis is a large part of the craving and food allergy combined. If I consume dairy, I have a lot of mucus. Mucus is the body’s reaction to an irritant. Typically, it is reaction to dairy, but also often gluten (wheat, oats) is the cause. Have you tried to go on a carbohydrate free diet for a while? I am sure you would do much better in the mucous if you cut out dairy and gluten. I did not cut out dairy when I did Atkins. Maybe that was why I couldnt lose weight. Who knows?

I get low blood sugar when I consume dairy, it took me many years to figure this out. When I would go on the Dr. Atkins diet I couldn’t lose very much weight, I would eat a low carb salad, and fall a sleep right after because of the ranch dressing I would put on it. I was so addicted to ranch dressing and real cream in my coffee. I would also bloat out and look about 6 months pregnant, I also broke out with a yeast ringworm looking rash if I over did the dairy. I have always had mucus problems until I cut out dairy and wheat, which I did when following the Eat Right for Your Type diet.

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