Candidiasis Associated With Low Body Temperature and Hypothyroidism

My friend always has a low body temperature and she has also read that Candidiasis can be associated with hypothyroidism. She believes she has had both since she was a teenager. The only time her body temperature were “normal” was when she was at her peak weights of 247- 257 pounds. Since she has lost 56 pounds (and more to lose), her body temperatures have gone back down. She has also been on a weight plateau for 5 months; another indication of both the Candidiasis and hypothyroidism. She is taking coconut oil daily and it is slowing increasing her body temperatures, but she will need more time to see how effective this will be long term.

I had low body temperature as well (average 96.9-97.1 Fahrenheit) and also had hypothyroidism. However, I honestly believe Candida overgrowth could be the culprit to my thyroid problem. When I was 10 years old, I had pneumonia and was on antibiotics for 3 months. I also ate a lot of sweets as a child. When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have often wondered if the antibiotics allowed the Candida to overgrow and attack my thyroid gland or maybe lead to an autoimmune disease which caused my own antibodies to attack my thyroid gland. My doctor tells me I would have hypothyroidism for the rest of my life, but I determined to heal my thyroid gland. I have always felt there was a connection between candidiasis and the low body temperature. The worse my symptoms were, the colder I would feel. I now have my symptoms of Candida under control and I feel great, so it can be done!

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  • Madonna


    I too have candida and hypothyroidsm and it’s causing me so much trouble. I never feel right like I should. Just wonder what antifungals did you take that did not interfere with your synthyroid? I take coconut oil and follow the candida diet and I also take probiotics and a long list of supplements. thank you Madonna

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