Candida Treatment for Immune Deficiency Cause

A friend has a wife that had candida for years and they are now finally getting a handle on what may be causing it and how to treat it. As we all already know, the cause we get for having candida is mostly different with each others, as well as the candida treatment that work for us. This is one of those cause and cure, so you might be interested since you may want to try it, too.

She had a candida stool test done, which came up 4-plus on a scale of 5. But, the other thing they noticed from other blood tests is very low IgA and IgG levels. These are immunoglobulin (antibodies) that protect the mucous membranes of the body. This led them to investigate and discover she may have a primary immune deficiency called selective IgA deficiency, which runs in families. One in five hundreds of people has selective IgA deficiency. Two of her sisters show similar symptoms. One sister is having her immune system checked. Candida, as with many infections, arises when the bodys immune system is not working properly or does not recognize an invader.

Unfortunately, his wife is so sensitive to fragrances, chemical irritants, disinfectants, and air pollution because of her illness, as she has been housebound for 3 years. Hopefully, with treatment for candida, her sensitivities will lessen so she can get to a doctor for a complete workup. Look over your medical records to see if any immune system blood tests were done. If not, ask your doctor to order immune system blood tests, including IgA and IgG.

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