Candida Symptoms Causing Acid Reflux-Like Symptoms

A friend has some symptoms (which I am sure they are candida symptoms) where her feet cold and clammy like she is dead while her fingers extremely cold and the throat is sore swollen. Doctor says it looks like acid reflux the way it is burned and swollen, but she doesn’t have heartburn. Her heart rate and blood pressure is even lower. She is in so much pain and having hard time thinking. Very suicidal thoughts go through her head because the pain is so bad and she feels like it will never go away. She tried Nizoral once, but had bad reaction to it. Her question is if Candidiasis can cause all this and if there is anyone gone through anything similar.

Candidiasis can definitely cause this, so you should better order the antifungals from Modernherbalist or get the Threelac. Do something now before it gets even worse! I would also go to other MD and insist that this does exist, and get antifungal from them. Diflucan or Nystatin for at least 2 weeks at large dose would help. Diflucan 100mg for 2 weeks, you probably need more this is what I was on several times.

Systemic candida can need as much 300-400 mg a day. You will probably feel like crap when you take it for first few days or week because of die-off. This is not a reaction, it is the yeast dying. I was very sick, had brain fog, insomnia, depression, sense of unrealness, anal itching, bloating, gas, and suicidal ideation before. Do not do anything to hurt you. Go to Psychiatrist if need be to start getting help to stay alive and positive while convincing medical people that this disease exists. It does and you are not the crazy one. And you will get better by doing this.

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