Candida Stool and Its Relation After the Bowel Cleanse

I am going to write about the candida stool now, based on a friends letter on the related subject. She told me that a while back when she went thru violent episodes of being sick, she threw up everything and was bringing up bile. The last thing she brought up when her stomach was totally empty was a white substance that was like putty (building material). It was soft and consistent throughout in terms of both color (creamy white) and texture (soft and putty like and also the same consistency throughout). She is absolutely sure it was not food that she needs to have any ideas on this. She also wonders about how to do the bowel cleanse, and if it was really candida, she is curious if that means that if you are successfully cleansing your bowels of Candida, your stools will be paler than normal.

There are a lot of different options for doing the bowel cleanse. Personally, I use a product called Colosan to clean my bowels, and my own version of several liver flushes combined. You should read more about it on the curezone site.

Candida exiting the bowels and in the urine is white. So, what she may have thrown up there could have been candida. However, the white stuff exits along with the feces and urine, so that it wont become paler than normal after doing the cleanse. With the urine, you will see it dissolve as a white solute material. In the feces, it looks like white mucus that is attached to the feces itself. The feces could be of any shade, but the yeast exits as it is externally attached to the feces. Some people refer to these mucus attachments as “ropes”.

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