Candida Probiotics Math Calculation Concept

I think I will put a different light on it this time, as people must be tired of hearing the same old thing about the candida probiotics being of limited effect without using inulin to feed the probiotic bacteria. Here, I will explain the calculation for probiotics.

See, one takes a couple of capsules of, let’s say, 5 billion probiotic organisms per capsule, less in the case of Primal Defense as a couple or so of the strains are not strictly speaking probiotics but transients that will soon be out-competed anyway. That is fine, but there are up to 100,000,000,000 (100 million) or 10^10 bacteria per ml of fecal matter. Bifidobacteria should number about 15% so you need 15,000,000,000 per cc. That is 15 billion. You can get by in a pinch with 1% of that, so let’s drop a couple of zeros and come up with 150,000,000 (150 million) bifidobacteria per CC.

You have conservatively about 2 liters or a half gallon or so of digestion in the intestine, with varying amounts of organisms depending on where in the bowel they live, but we are interested in mainly the bowel, which harbors the most organisms by a factor of 100 times more per cc compared with before the ileo-caecal valve. The bowel contains about a liter or less, 1,000 CC, about a day’s worth of semi-liquid food. That is about equivalent to 30 capsules of probiotic for the bifidobacteria count alone, right?

It is ok, but your bowel bacteria arent that far out you might say. So, let’s say it is perhaps 50% of where it should be, so you might only need to get 15 capsules of Bifidobacteria in per day. This is the low estimate; remember I dropped it to 1% for the minimum for the sake of argument. But again, Primal Defense would require more because we have other bacteria in it too, not just bifidobacteria. So, you might require a maximum of 1500 capsules daily to be equivalent to natural fecal bifidobacteria! It is an interesting concept.

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