Candida Oral Thrush in Men Without Being HIV Positive

Someone asked if it is possible for a man to suffer from candida oral thrush for a year and a half and still be HIV negative. She has had 12 HIV tests over the last two years and they are all negative, but she only got thrush after she started doing the tests. She is taking two garlic tablets three times a day and gargle with tea tree three times a day. She seems to have good days and bad days, but her vision is really bothering her. She doesn’t know what else to try.

Oral thrush is a symptom from a lot of disease, but not only AIDS, if you are HIV negative and you are not in a risk group it is possible that the thrush are related to other diseases, thyroid disease, endocrine disease, some problem at the thymus level, Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, or you are under high stress and this are related also to candidiasis oral. Well, first you have to make sure that the thrush is due to candida. I mean a culture positive to C albicans from the plaques. Some of this disease may be Diabetes, corticosteroid therapy (immunosuppressive therapy).

Your age are important also, because if you are under the 20 years, or you are older than 20 or 30 years, it can be discarded some of this reasons. I think that the first step is make a complete Endocrinologic test because is the more common association with oral thrush due to candida.

You should take the spit test tomorrow morning. You must first thing before putting anything in your mouth spit in a clear glass of water. If within 30-45 minutes the water turns cloudy and/or you have stringy thing looking like legs you know you have this problem. You need to do some research regarding candida. You may also benefit by doing a liver flush. Threelac and olive leaf extract go for high concentration and keep up with garlic.

I hope this article "Candida Oral Thrush in Men Without Being HIV Positive" has met what you expect to read and that you gain some important information that your are looking for. If you feel that this article is not enough for you, or still missing something, I personally suggest that you get a complete report and also great support for you on cure candida project website.

3 comments to Candida Oral Thrush in Men Without Being HIV Positive

  • mandiee

    im also suffering from oral thrush no treatment works i have tested for hiv 4 times and they have all come back negative my blood tests indicate high white count and neutrophilis raised i get so tired and dizzy all other symptoms headaches dissiness sickness bodyaches and generally feeling unwell have all disapeared just the oral thrush and dissiness dont know what else to do any advice

  • Oral candida issues #2

    I have been having oral issues too ( I think candida)
    My issues are on my tongue bumps, cracks, swollen, coating that i can scrap off.. Not thick like you see on net pictures.. Looks like i have filiform pallet also.The floor of mouth is swollen .
    I have had treatment of anti fungl tables
    i have had treatment of Nystatin
    I have had 3 treatments of dufluncoze
    I have tested neg for hiv 8 times last time being at 6 months

    I have no idea what is going on… all my tests have been comming back normal… But yet i still have these issues..

    I have been reading that mercury poisoning can cause what looks like thrush…
    Can we please get a list going of what could cause Oral candida and filiform pallet issues?

    I mean the stinks for causes..

    Oral Candida Issues #2

  • mandiiee

    well its now 15 months on going oral thrush still having dizziness headaches and tiredness im told that it is defo not hiv and the test would have shown positive it feels like something getting stuck when i swallow i cant eat cant sleep and gp cant find what is causing it any ideas

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