Candida Infection Test Is a Scam?

My friend was recently diagnosed via a questionable antibody test as having Candida infection. She went through the diet and supplements which she thinks resembled with hell to rid herself of it. She doesn’t discount that there is such a condition, but she believes she can tell you through her research that it is a condition ripe for scams. First off, she said that there apparently is no test to prove you really have Candida. Secondly, she said its symptoms are not unique and you may just have allergies or another ailment.

She truly believes after seeing 4 MD’s, reading two books, and countless hours on the Internet, that her first diagnosis was a scam to get me hooked into treatment programs. All she is saying is a question if you beware for scrupulous practitioners looking to make some money at your expense.

I know she is quite right about the scams. For every condition out there, there are a thousand snake oil salesmen. However, I would like to give credit to those people who have had to take charge of their own health and have had success. They have probably been deceived along the way, but finally learned enough about their bodies and their conditions to trust their instincts on a lot of data they have to sift through.

As for her “test” for Candida, I think she has a right to be peeved since, the last time I heard, there was no definitive test for Candida overgrowth. And is there such a condition? Yes. And how do those of us who suffer from is know it’s our problem? Because (after we’d been diagnosed with a thousand other things and tried a thousand other regimens) when we finally start to eat “right” (which means no sugar, no dairy, and no wheat, which is hard), we get better. Perhaps Candida isn’t your problem and you still have some searching to do. And watch out for the slick salesmen with the instant cures.

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