Candida Die-Of With Hands and Feet Falling Asleep

A woman I know has her hands and feet falling asleep, and wondering if this is candida die-off she experiences. She recently switched to a wheat and dairy free diet. She added a little (1 teaspoon) of coconut oil to her diet. Since then, she has a problem with her hands and feet constantly falling asleep. She wants to know if this die-off or she is allergic to the coconut. When she sits in a chair, her feet fall asleep. When she types on her keyboard, her hands fall asleep. It also keeps her up at night. She wants to know if I have experience with this.

I have to say no, since I haven’t felt like that. I also follow a wheat and dairy free diet and that is never happened to me. However, my sister had similar problems recently also in cold weather her feet and hands got cold easily. But, she puts it down to sitting in front of her computer with too many hours every day with little or no exercise. She works on a computer from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm type hours and spends hours in addition to that on bulletin boards etc and researches the stuffs that are not related to work as well. She has since been upping her exercise and the problem seems to be improving.

Overall, I think the die-off symptoms depend on the severity of your symptoms. It is different for each person, and the time everyone has is also different.

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