Candida Detoxification With Kinotakara Pads

Someone that gets the rash that travels all over her body wants to know more about candida detoxification. The rash just pops up and it so itchy she can’t stand it. She uses a diluted tea tree oil liquid she gets at Vitamin World or the Puritan’s Pride catalog. It gets rid of it immediately, but the smell is not pretty. Her cats and husband won’t come near her. She only gets this during the fall and early winter. They have damp, moldy weather.

She feels best in the summer when she gets lots of sun on her skin. She was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 6 and recently reads that what they label psoriasis is actually candida! Her psoriasis clears up in the summer. She also wants to know if I or someone I know has used Kinotakara Sachets for detoxifying. She reads that they use natural vinegars. She wonders if it is just white distilled vinegar that we should avoid.

It sure seems to me like lack of hydration. When toxic materials are pushing out through the skin is often sign of needing to drink more. I have read a lot of great stories about people using Twilight Prills to help with hydration.

Consensus is that the Kinotakara pads seem to work in some people. It is because no-one has analyzed the “toxins” that the sachets supposedly pull out of the soles of your feet, that they may actually be stale lymph fluid with a little blood in it for color. Who knows? Anyway, Shu-Li pads are about 50% heavier and larger than Kinotakara with the same exact compounds in them. I have a box of each, and I can’t recommend either product until studies are done. The companies are still flying on marketing and guesswork at present.

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