Candida Cookbook Recommendation With Chicken Recipe

My friend is getting ready to radically do what she has to do to change her family’s diet in order to combat the yeast overgrowth monster in her 7 year old daughter, so that she needs to get a candida cookbook recommendation. She has a pretty fair understanding of what she can and can’t eat, but is completely inept cooking wise to execute. She is looking for input on a book that might be at least a good start. But, more than just a cookbook, she would like to be able to see for example a list of breakfast ideas to choose from.

She is really tired of eating chicken the same way, and she wants to have any candida friendly chicken recipes that I can share with no dairy, wheat, oat, etc. She cannot do dairy unfortunately.

I recommend The Patients Detoxx book to anyone on the candida diet, especially if you can tolerate dairy which I cannot. But, there are still many recipes I can make in the book. I make bread using almonds, sunflower seeds, and eggs, and I can have sandwiches now. There are even recipes for chocolate cake and cookies. But, these recipes are very low carb and healthy so you could even eat for breakfast.

There is a fried chicken recipe in there, but it calls for “Vitol egg protein powder”, which I am having a hard time finding in my living place. And there is no problem, since the fried chicken recipe does not call for dairy, for what its worth.

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