Candida Being Driving Force of Alcoholism

A friend of mine married a former alcoholic and he had all the symptoms of candida/adrenal fatigue before he started drinking. He had a severe case of bacterial meningitis at age 11 and his problems started after that thanks to the strong antibiotics. His family always says he was so different after age 11 and became a major brat.

She did muscle testing on him to see what foods he needs to avoid, and it came up with wheat, dairy, and mold-containing foods like peanuts or fermented foods, except yogurt. She remembers he had a few of our son’s malted chocolate balls from his Halloween bucket and immediately began sneezing like crazy. She looked at the wrapper to see barley is an ingredient. They didn’t test for alcohol because that seems a given! Her mother also had bacterial meningitis as a very young girl. She then ended up with severe allergies and her hair turned gray at age 18 and she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 19. By then, she was an alcoholic. She has all the classic symptoms of candida and adrenal fatigue. She is mostly house-bound at age 53 thanks to panic attacks.

She truly believes candida is a driving force of alcoholism. She also believes different foods are factors for different people. She thinks it has more with allergic response to a certain food. When she does muscle testing on people she almost always gets wheat (and most gluten foods) and cow’s dairy as the feeding of the candida, but often the person is able to have other carbs and bits of sugar. Honey almost always comes up as a positive food for people. She thinks maybe because it helps the adrenals. She finds this subject so interesting, but she doesn’t feel there is a one-size fits all diet. One of her best success stories with candida came with a fellow that finally cured it once he became totally vegan comes to find out, he had a very, very strong belief that killing animals or eating animal foods, even dairy, was evil. But, when a naturopathic doctor put him on the candida diet, he said that he needs meat and lots of it because he is type O. He tried to do what the doctor said, but got so sick he was in bed most of the time.

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