Burning Tongue Cure With Vitamin B

My friend asked the druggist how long it should take for her to feel the results of the vitamin B to cure the burning tongue. He said about a week (and then the all powerful disclaimer), but she was being told everyone is different.

She had cancer of the mouth 6 years ago. She was left with very little feeling in her mouth including her tongue. About 3-4 years ago, the feeling started working its way back and she began to feel the burning on her tongue. She attributed it of course, to regain feeling and assumed that would go away in time. That is when she got the very heavy dose of antibiotics which she believes triggered this whole thing about 8 months ago. She couldnt stand it any more and went to the cancer doctor told him; he was puzzled, but said “maybe” some scar tissue grew over a nerve. She went for a MRI Now that she hears it might be either candida or lack of vitamin b. She could scream thinking of all the years she has suffered with this waiting for it to go away

What the allergist suggested only really works if you are low on vitamin B, B-12 specifically. It won’t hurt you, but won’t cure the tongue if that isn’t the cause of it to begin with. Also, another friend has a big flare up right now and her tongue was really bothering her. I suggested using a douche with water and hydro peroxide and she tried that. It worked, so she decided to try a mixture to gargle with. She did that 2 times a day for the last three days and her tongue feels a lot better. Dont swallow the stuff, though. She is going to keep doing it for awhile and see if it helps anymore or keeps it away.

I know how awful this feels. I tend to drink lots of water when mine is like that. Does your mouth also get dry when you have this? I figure the water is a must anyway, but that it also helps flush out my throat and such.

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