Build Your Own Culture While Taking Probiotics

This article is going to answer your question about Primal Defense, one of candida probiotics that claimed to be one of the best ones. Although in the short term it can be useful because PD contains several bacteria and yeasts that are meant to out-compete pathogenic bacteria and yeast in the short term, in the long term they will be out-competed in the bowel.

So, a person who desires to build their own culture will use PD for the short while, and then switch to something that is designed to be complementary to natural bowel biotics, plus something like inulin to help them establish the culture, which is like a living mat on the bowel lining. Otherwise, following Primal Defense recommendations, you take the expensive probiotic forever because without feeding the culture, probiotics only work while you are using them. Indeed, as many people are finding, even after months on PD, when they stop using it, they relapse.

This is what I mean. If you use Primal Defense to build your own culture and take inulin on a regular basis to feed the good bacteria then at some point you should be able to stop the Primal Defense or any probiotic without any relapse, especially if you are following the diet. And once the bowel has a healthy bacterial population, by using much more inulin-containing food, you may not even need the spray-dried inulin as a supplement. Remember, historic use quieted a “warm and windy stomach” with simply a chicory root broth.

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