Beware of Liver Flushes Without the Crucial Epsom Salts

If you have a deficiency in these glyconutrients, you could start on the Ambrotose any time as it is a food designed to address a deficiency and it will not interfere with the herbal drugs. In fact, drugs and herbal drugs rely on properly formed receptor sites, so they can stick to the cells and do their job, and people report they can reduce their dosage because they get better utilization.

Before you do the liver flush, you should go to curezone and do some research. In addition to information on different flushes and cleanses, they also have forums on them too, so you can see how others have done, as well as ask any questions that you might have. The “Ask Andreas” forum is a great one. He is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and has a book out on liver cleansing. I’ve done 5 so far, and have had problems with stones getting lodged in my colon, because I didn’t do a colonic afterwards. It is also suggested that you do a kidney cleanse as well as a bowel cleanse before attempting the liver flush.

I have been feeling much better since doing the flush, and right then, I was only doing the flushes and drinking Pau DArco tea. I was trying to get rid of the substances that the parasites (candida) live off of, and to get my body working properly again. Beware that some liver flushes people posted to the internet did not contain the crucial epsom salts, and some ‘flushes’ aren’t that at all, they are ‘liver function improvers’.

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