Beware of Foods of Choice With Fatty Protein Intake

This week is really bad for a friend of mine, where she thinks she is getting too uptight and upset with the weight gain she had in her candida diet. She has not exercised, but as a rule she does aerobics 3-4 times a week and a spot exercise daily.

She tries to keep her carbs to below 20 and doesnt count calories. Her biggest sin is in the evening she has cream in her coffee. In the late afternoon, she works in a restaurant and has almost not been eating anything that has sauces, etc because she is worried about hidden carbs. So, she eats salad grilled chicken breast prime rib. Yesterday, she had omelets for dinner, 1/2 lb roast beef for lunch, and for snack last night she had about 1/4 lb of ham. The day before, she had salad for lunch and breakfast and broiled scrod with salad for dinner, plus her coffee as usual. She wonders if that is too much. She has had thyroid checked about a year ago and they said it is ok.

Well, if you get the similar foods of choice, it looks to me like your fatty protein intake is way too high. You need to add a lot more vegetables into what you are eating and replace some of your meat with them, especially fatty meat like ham and roasted beef. Try fish and chicken or turkey instead.

Just as an example, this is my day today which is fairly typical. I have breakfast with 2 eggs scrambled (no milk, no fat added) and 1 cup oatmeal with Stevia. At lunch, I eat 2 brown rice cakes, which is very light on butter; big garden salad (no dressing), and 1 hardboiled egg. Dinner will be 1 blade steak (the little steaks), sauteed zucchini and quinoa with a little butter. For snack, I will snack on a few handfuls of almonds or pecans

I don’t know your body structure or what youre aiming for in calories, etc. I am not doing this to loose weight, just to get healthy. Try that and maybe you will have better results.

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