Best Combinations By Chiropractor for Yeast Infections Treatment

One of the best combinations I have tried for the yeast infection treatment is the one supplied by whole approach. I had one of those zappers used on me by a chiropractor because he tested me for viruses and determined that I had Epstein Barr virus. I had a terrible die-off, but then I start to feel better. I believe it will do as he says and rid of all viruses. I think I am going to buy one of those zappers to use myself whenever I want to, to rid my blood stream of yeast, bacteria, and viruses. They cost quite cheap and I was fairly convinced they work after my one experience with one.

Other things I have found helpful are colonics, hydrogen peroxide IV’s, breathing pure oxygen, putting a UV-C light in your heating/AC unit to kill viruses, mold, bacteria in the air, lots of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. I also eat no wheat, oats, milk, soy, sugar, aspartame, colorings, and preservatives.

I have also gone to a chiropractor to eliminate allergies. He does it by having you hold a vial containing the substance then using an electronic device on certain acupuncture points. You avoid the substance for 24 hours and you are no longer allergic to it. It sounds weird, but I can say it really works. Also, I take 500 mg of grape seed extract to protect my blood-brain barrier which gets too permeable after the gut wall starts allowing things to pass through it particularly yeast and undigested proteins.

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