Best Colon Cleansing for Candida Overgrowth Treatment

Someone just learned about Candida overgrowth this weekend when he did a search for “Holistic” and GERD. His girlfriend has had a crazy string of issues in the last year mostly. It started years ago with Chronic Sinusitis where she went through a string of infections that occurred around once a month. Then, she was having a variety of odd systems (ridiculous amounts of gas (both ends), stomach acid making it to her throat, heart burn, stabbing chest pains, which eventually led them to LPR (Laryngeal Pharygeal Reflux Disease, a cousin of GERD).

Once they diagnosed the LPR, he was hopeful that she would finally be well as LPR has been shown to cause many of her systems. She was put on 2 Nexium a day, elevated her bed, and modified her diet. But, it got better for a bit but now has been getting worse for awhile now. She was tested for food allergies (nothing very interesting) and fructose intolerance (vomited within minutes from the solution).

At this point she is suffering from 3 sinus infections in the last 2 months, 2 vaginal yeast infections, possible IBS (along with Diarrhea, occasional terrible pain), regular stomach upsets and other systems of heartburn LPR, lots of belching, and even her feet are beginning to stink. Then, there are the moods, air-headedness, and other mental stuff that goes with it.

So, basically, she’s got infections happening on all ends of her digestive system. Strong antibiotics aren’t curing her for long and seem to be making it worse. After reading about Candida, it seems a perfect fit. An infection in her intestine or colon that isn’t being cured by antibiotics that improved when she went on the Atkins diet and that is affecting her in many ways. Because of the issues she’s having with her back-end, she already has a colonoscopy scheduled and will be doing the necessary colon cleansing as part of that.

The best colon cleansing that she can do is a colonic, and yes she should get them done if you can afford them. Before buying anything go to, and research liver flushes, and bowel cleanses, also hit the liver flush, bowel cleasne, and the Ask Andreas forums. Consider getting Andreas Moritz books…The Amazing Liver Cleanse, and The Key to Health and Rejuvenation. You can get them either in book, or electronic form. She will get better; it depends on how bad she is. There is no magic pill, she needs to get her body working properly again. The books will explain it.

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