Best Advices to Put On yeast Infection Treatment

You will get better along with your yeast infection treatment, but just realize everyone is different, which is frustrating in getting better, but here is what I did. I had no vinegar, fungi of any kind, and very little carbs of any kind. I recommend the Body Ecology diet for you. Donna Gates is one of the few that seems to know what she is talking about. Also, the Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Cook is quite informative (with lots of case studies, too).

I also have been going to an acupuncturist, seeing an MD who studies homeopathic medicine to boot, seeing an acupuncturist who was curing me of dampness (and my liver was in bad shape), and going to a colon therapist. I was taking Chinese herbal medicine as well, on supplements (Pau d’Arco, garlic, vitamin c, b-6 for my PMS symptoms), Chinese herbs three times a day to help my energy which is low, acidophilous, capryllic acid, vitamin e, and also ginger. I treat to eat foods which are considered anti-fungals, like ginger, onions, etc.

If you are very strict with the diet, you will begin to experience “die-off” that you may have read about. You could experience headache, yeast infection, yeast vaginitis, fatigue, puritis ani (itchy butt), and some more die-off symptoms.

The good news is you will probably lose some weight, if you haven’t already. Some best advices I had been given: learn to meditate, do deep breathing exercises, do regular exercise, and laugh! Find a supportive friend and listen to your body. You will probably realize you are allergic to certain foods. I was keeping a food journal to help me detect patterns.

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