Be Creative With the Breakfast Ideas

Some of my friends have been asking about breakfast ideas, and I wanted to share some of what I frequently do. I wanted to share this food idea especially since I learned that Belgian endive (the leaves from chicory) is relatively high in naturally occurring inulin. I love using the leaves as a natural “wrap” or cup for chopped eggs, tuna or chicken salad. It seems “bitterness” is a factor in many of items listed containing natural inulin (dandelion, endive/chicory). In herbal studies, these are hepatic action, helping the liver. Endive is not inexpensive, but yet another alternative to helping us keep out grains.

For other “wrap” ideas not using grains, you can put anything in: green or red lettuce (not iceberg but leaf lettuce) or nori (seaweed sheets used for sushi). Watch out for that wasabi, though, since it can contain lots of sorbitol.

For me, as I recall, including “bitter” foods has helped with curbing some of the cravings. It is when I neglect to include them that I backslide (like with Halloween candy). I must admit it isn’t always easy hope this helps some of you. Get some creativity with your foods, and try to think raw or uncooked for those natural enzymes!

Another important point about food is that protein with the most biological value on the planet (meaning they are bio-available and easily digested) happens to be cold-processed whey, a dose of which will eliminate the need to take free-form amino acids and probably MSM as a supplement.

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