Basic Explanation On Anti Candida Diet

A friend asked what exactly the anti-candida diet is. She really wants to know if we are not supposed to have sugar or if we are on a low carb diet. She said it is amazing that so many things that claim to be sugar free have sugar in them. For example: Sugar Free Pudding with two cups of Fat Free milk. The pudding mix is fine, but with the milk added, you have added 26 grams of sugar! She wonders if wheat, flour, sugar, and alcohol are to be avoided, as most processed foods are. She needs more clarification and guidelines about the foods.

I would like to offer some suggestions. You are correct if you say no sugar, alcohol, and wheat products. Also, you should avoid vinegar, processed foods, etc. But, I find it helpful to focus on the things we can eat. Green leafy veggies, most veggies, I believe (except potatoes), the starch turns to sugar quickly. Meat (Make sure the animals were not treated with antibiotics or steroids), Eggs, and seafood. Believe me; I know how you feel about there having nothing to eat! It just takes some getting use to.

If you like to cook, then you are in better shape than some. You can create your own meals as you go. The yeast diet is very contradictory. One book says you can eat it, the next says you can’t. Remember that it is basically to cut both no sugar and low carb. Try cutting out as much carbs as you can for the first month at least. 40 grams a day is a goal to try for. Sugar feeds the yeast, and carbs do, too.

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