Bakers Yeast in Probiotics Help Out-Compete in the Bowel

A friend of mine thought that she might have made a mistake. She has been on a candida diet with treatment for about 6 weeks following the guidelines mostly of Jeanne Martin in her book Complete Candida Yeast Guide. Within this time, she has “challenged” dairy one day and soy another to determine whether she has intolerances to these foods.

Today, she challenged yeast as suggested in The Yeast Connection book by Dr. Crook. Problem is, she did it with live bakers yeast rather than brewers yeast as suggested in the book (she doesn’t read directions well). Her husband who is doing the diet with her to be supportive gasped when he heard what she had done and now she is worried she has fed the critters a feast! Dr. Crook says to eliminate yeast initially because of allergies to it and that it doesn’t contribute to candida. She needs any helpful insight on the matter. By the way, she feels fine that there are no symptoms, although it is a bit gassy which could be from one of her herbal formulas.

There is a type of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces) in some probiotics that can help out compete in the bowel, but it is transient and intended to pave the way for probiotic bacteria to work more effectively. This specific would seem on the surface of it to negate the statement by some diet professionals (which I am not) that yeast should be banned in the candida diet. I hope that answers your question satisfactorily if you are interested in the related subject.

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