Avoiding Caffeine and Most of Sweeteners

A friend is going to take the plunge and give up coffee, since she has been reading that it kills acidophilus and suppresses immune function which is bad for candidiasis. She asked me if Stevia, aspartame, or sucralose feeds yeast. She was told the only beverage she could have is water and maybe some flavored club soda that coffee and tea of any kind tends to grow mold.

You should try to avoid all caffeine if possible. I used to drink both coffee and black tea all the time. However, green tea has very little caffeine (my naturopath says that the benefit of green tea outweighs anything). I now drink green tea most of the time. Not only does it have a lot of nutritional benefits, but it also is an anti-oxidant! Give it a try.

Regular inulin has been proposed as a sweetener base, but it does have some sugar in it. My sugar-free inulin will not grow mold, but will suppress mold and incorrect bowel flora by establishing a better bowel bacterial culture. From personal and clinical experience, I find that if you adhere to a sugar-free and starch-free diet for a few weeks, you will lose your craving for sweets. The people who have the hardest time, whether candida patients or diabetics, are those who have spend more time and energy trying to find ways around this restrictive diet than ways to follow it.

The problem is that no one can seem to agree on what exactly the diet is. I have got 10 different candida books and each one says eat/exclude something different. Opinions certainly vary on the net, also. That is why there are many people who ask questions about food and beverages.

I wish this article "Avoiding Caffeine and Most of Sweeteners" has been informative and meet what you need. If you want to know more details about this issue, or everything related to anti candida diet, I highly suggest that you grab my recommended special report and also get their support on cure candida project website. Make sure you take advantage of their support, that what I found the most important thing you should do.

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