Average Length in Being On Candida Diet

Someone was just wondering if I can give her an estimate, based on personal experience, reading, or the experience of others, as to how long (on average) one would have to stay on the candida diet in order to rid oneself of this condition. She understands that this question does not have one answer because everyone is different and will have different experiences. However, she is talking about on average. She doesnt hope to be told that this is a lifetime kind of thing because she thinks that would just kill her, but still, she wants me to tell her even if it is a lifetime deal. Also, she wants to know if it is truly necessary to take prescription anti-fungal medication in conjunction with the candida diet or strict adherence to the candida diet is sufficient.

It will not take a life-time to cure. You first must, however, make a commitment to heal. If not, it will never go away. You are stronger than the yeast, so keep that mindset whilst you eat properly and supplement with antifungals and probiotics (I personally use Threelac, but there are others out there). Because candida is a systemic infection for many of us, it is important to feel that you can beat this. A positive attitude is probably your number one defense. Antifungal medication is of course a need to completely kick the yeast out of your body. Changing my diet has helped me loose weight and explore my culinary skills. Have fun with your healing and dont really bother the time.

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