Atkins Diet Brings You Back to Nature

First off, I have to tell you again that Atkins or anti candida diet is not a “no carb” diet. Many people heard this or they only read about the induction phase and think that is the whole eating plan. This is not true. Induction, the first of 4 phases to the program, limits carbs to 20 per day and there is a reason for this. That is to detox the body of toxins from a diet of refined flours, sugars, and starches, which is very similar to a Candidiasis diet. For some people who have eaten a high refined diet, the detox process is more severe. For those who have eaten a healthier diet, the symptoms are less.

If you cut your carb intake, you will probably be cutting back on refined carbs that have very little nutritional value. Chances are, the food you eat in place of those carb calories will contain more vitamins and minerals, not less. Some people may experience severe cravings when they switch to low carb, especially initially. This is because they are hooked on carbs. Any substance one is addicted to can cause withdrawal: nicotine, alcohol, drugs and yes, even carbs. But, this withdrawal period is only temporary.

One of the theories behind Atkins is that it brings you back to the diet nature intended you to have. Refined carbs and sugars are such a large part of our diet now. Their consumption has increased dramatically in the last century. As has the incidence of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. But for ages refined carbs were virtually non existent. Humans are said to have been on Earth for millions of years. Until very recently in our history, there was no white flour or granulated sugar. The theory is that a low carb diet is closer to what our bodies are naturally designed to perform best on.

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