Antioxidant Loading Being As Important As Carb Loading for Sport Event

This friend of mine who is now doing the anti candida diet competes in agility with her dog almost every other weekend. You may have seen the sport on Animal Planet where the handler directs the dog thru an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, A-frames, etc. She always hears a lot about “carb loading” before a sports event or before a vigorous training session. She plans to do some bike work (can’t run too much with her bad back). She needs to know how and what she should eat before a trial or workout to get the best benefit and not hurt herself.

Since starting the diet, she has lost lots of weight she really didn’t need to lose, so her body fat index is probably quite low and she has pretty good muscle. She wonders if she could get the same “carb loading” effect by eating more veggies before the workout. She is ok with rice and really like brown rice pasta with butter. This stuff is all new to her and she never really had to worry about it when she was younger and “healthier”. She wants to know if the whole carb loading legit or it is an old wives tale.

Antioxidant loading using glutathione-producing cold-processed whey plus selenium, along with the other antioxidants, is as important as carb loading. It is how a 45-year old friend got her best marathon time ever. What this does is reducing lactic acid formation as it occurs, which translates into much less burn from exertion. A better way to do carb loading is to balance your carbs with inulin, which is a slow release carb fermented by intestinal bacteria. It is candida safe, and the fermentation of it will help to control the candida as well.

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