Anti Candida Diet Plan With Dairy Elimination

My friend uses a form of a low carb anti candida diet with some modification (no dairy, no wheat). She has some once and a great while, now that she is so much better, she can cheat everyday and not feel any affects. The Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a great book by Rob Faigin she recommended, but it allows dairy in diet. She has found that once she eliminated dairy and wheat for at least a month, her uncontrollable cravings vanished, and a low carb program that allowed her to eat carbs in a controlled way, like a carb load to replenish her glycogen level in her muscles, done the way the book describes causes no carb cravings the next day.

I love this plan of hers. Once she started this eating program, her symptoms have really gotten better. She also started using a very strong Plant based Digestive Enzymes and some Betaine HCI because her bloating was fermenting food in the gut that the Candida was going to town on. The first week on them, she was concerned because the pain in her intestine got a lot worse, but she decided it was helping with the bloating and she was going to keep at it and then the pain became less, it was like it was eating off all the inflammation and all the pain was gone with in 2 weeks.

She took them (enzymes only) in between meal to clear the blood also. She used some yeast killers like Fungal Defense, then to Yeast Avenger, and the later was the best, also from CFS Nutrition. She tried their probiotics from CFS nutrition and used them and started on FOS free Inulin. She has no complaints and feels great, and she is finally starting to lose weight. This way, she enjoys her life.

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