Anti Candida Diet Food Ideas for Lunch at Campus

Speaking of anti candida diet foods, my friend is being confused since she used to eat rice pasta instead of the semolina wheat kind. Now, as she is reading posts, she is wondering if that is not the wisest thing to do. She was at Whole Foods today and saw that they had some brown rice pasta. She wonders if eating this or plain old brown rice is good or bad.

She is also looking for some sack lunch ideas. Usually, she makes up a nice chicken salad sandwich full of veggies, but, as she has been reading on this page, even spelt and amaranth breads are out, so she was thinking about just making up the chicken salad and putting it in a Tupperware. She is at school all day, so it has to be a lunch that will stick to her ribs.

As far as things to take to campus for lunch, sometimes I will hard boil some eggs and put them on a simple green salad purchased on campus. I take in a little container of my olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Occasionally, I will have some hummus on rye crackers, or some plain yogurt with Stevia. I love the “Total” Greek yogurt from Trader Joes or the Whole Foods Market. I often make larger meals on the weekend, so I will have leftovers to take in to campus and nuke.

I also occasionally indulge in a rice bowl (one of the less harmful dishes available on campus) which consists of chicken broth, rice noodles chicken, and some vegetable garnishes (onions, basil, etc.). I know the regular rice noodles aren’t the best for me, but that’s one of my occasional compromises to stay sane. The dietary info I got from Dr. Pescatore’s book is that brown rice and whole grains are ok as long as you aren’t sensitive to them.

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