Amino Acids Function and Description

I bet you have heard amino acids mentioned frequently in health forums, including candidiasis forums. If you are interested in knowing what it is and where you can find it, I suggest you to continue reading this article. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. They are found in every living thing. When you use purified, free-form amino acids in specific dosage and ratio, you can increase your natural secretion of growth hormone. The process is safe, reliable, and preferred by 11,000 anti-aging specialists over HGH (human growth hormone) shots, which is their second choice. Even Dr. Klatz, who as you will see is highly regarded for his HGH research and is often quoted, uses SomaLife gHP, a high-dose amino acids blend from a vegetarian source, in a vegetarian capsule.

Conversely, oral/sublingual HGH itself doesn’t increase HGH materially; despite the outrageous claims, it is ill-absorbed, it is digested like any other large protein. Similarly, low-dose amino acids won’t work because a certain concentration is needed to trigger the pituitary to release the HGH.

With amino acids, growth hormone increase can be reliably pegged to values expected in a 22 year old people, even in elderly ones, and no higher, because of a natural control mechanism in the body. This increase allows people to regenerate, repair and build like a youth. The process takes several months because you’re not making the cells divide any faster than they normally would, although you can speed up the muscle building/flab loss by exercising along with it. The point is that in these several months, the internal organs including cardiac function, kidneys and all, arthritic joints etc, and importantly for you, neural growth and nerve sheaths, are being regenerated, and not just wrinkles, muscle tone, hair growing back in, libido and such that people are already aware of.

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