Amazing Improvements Since Starting Liver Flushes and Cleanses

For her candida infection treatment, my friend has taken colloidal silver, oil of oregano, Paragone, Candigone, SF722, Paramicrocidin, Hydrocloric Acid, many different probiotics, FOS, supplements for her liver, Chinese medicines, and she has also fasted, done enemas (which helped), ate nothing but organic meats, mostly organic veggies, and drank distilled water for the longest time. Some things helped, but nothing is leveled off, and she was still very sick. Some foods and chemicals still bother her, but the improvements that she has made since starting the liver flushes and cleanses are amazing.

Right now, she flushes her liver every two to four weeks. She is using a product called colosan to clean her colon. She uses herbs to flush her kidneys, and she drinks 2 to 4 cups of Pau DArco tea daily. That is it, along with a few simple lifestyle changes, and a diet that she should be following.

There are several others saying that it works. I keep talking about “The Key to Health and Rejuvenation” and “The Amazing Liver Cleanse”, which is both written by Andreas Moritz. The book is amazing. I know that she still has to continue until her body is working right again, and she can’t continue to eat junk foods. But, she knows now the simple truth that she has been searching for. She plans on getting checked for heavy metal toxicity, but her candida is finally getting under control after all these years. The idea is to clean up your body, and get it to work the way that God intended it to.

I wish this article "Amazing Improvements Since Starting Liver Flushes and Cleanses" has been informative and meet what you need. If you want to know more details about this issue, or everything related to sugar free diet, I highly suggest that you grab my recommended special report and also get their support on cure candida project website. Make sure you take advantage of their support, that what I found the most important thing you should do.

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