Alternatives to Oral Contraceptives and Birth Control Pill

Someone is currently taking oral contraceptives, but she has read they are bad for candida problem. Here is her dilemma. She has four children and simply cannot have anymore if she wants to remain sane. She will not go under the knife unless it is a life-threatening emergency, so she needs an alternative form of birth control that won’t exacerbate this problem she is having. Someone suggested her birth control patch or the shot. However, she needs to find out what exactly it is that is in the oral contraceptives that are bad. She doesnt want to go the route of having to insert something every time she has sex. She has tried that before, but the result is four children.

I suggest making your husband get a vasectomy. My husband did and it took fifteen minutes for his “surgery” in MD office and he had icepack and pain pills. He was fine, didn’t swell, no ill effects, and the insurance covered it. Everything works just fine! The contraceptives have same hormones and will still cause candida problem. This is best and easiest method.

The pill is really bad for the candida, as it is literally fueling the cycle. Read the book “The Yeast Connection for Women” which tells about how hormones play into this vicious cycle and keep the candida thriving. That is what you are doing when you put that in your body. Make the men in your life where a condom or get a vasectomy if you are done having kids. They will if they love you and want you to truly be healthy again. No spermicide condoms, though, since it kills your flora and adds to problem.

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