Alternative to Flour Or Corn Starch for Candida Diet

Someone wants to know of anything a person can use instead of flour or corn starch on this anti candida diet. She is just hopefully thinking to make a thickening agent to make homemade sauces. She reads somewhere once, but she cannot remember what it was. She has been told that spelt flour is awesome if you are looking to make/buy bread, muffins, cookies, etc, and wants to know if it is correct.

She has also heard that buckwheat would help with glucose control before. Her mother used to use egg yolks for thickening some foods. She reads somewhere that arrowroot is used for thickening gravies, but she hasnt used the arrowroot before. Her husband just brought home her first bag of buckwheat flour. She found out about kefir (not the store bought) on a candida group. Homemade kefir can be used as a sourdough starter. She is just learning about this candida stuff herself. She had thought that yeast was just a woman’s problem, and didn’t know that it is a whole body disease/parasite.

The best thing I would recommend is glucomannan, or guar gum is even better. Buckwheat, arrowroot and sourdough are all starch sources, which I would recommend not to do it. All no-go’s if one has candida. It is just the same with the one mentioning quinoa, spelt, and such. Grains are carb sources.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you what a lot of people use to thicken sauces and gravies at the low carb sites. It is guar gum (a very small amount) and some people use a shaker and just shake a little on. I have also used whole cream in gravy tastes even better than flour.

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