Alleviating Candida Symptoms By Healing the Unbalance

Someone has had the burning, swelling tongue from candida symptoms for the past year or so, and like most of you, the doctors basically laughed and told her that it was all in my head. One of them, the ENT specialist told her that she was depressed and that she was imagining symptoms that weren’t really there. She found one doctor in a small clinic that prescribed some Diflucan liquid. This has helped somewhat, but when she stop taking it, it comes back. She can’t eat anything hardly because it makes her tongue hurt or it swells.

The problem is that the ENT is an ear, nose, and throat specialist, while candida is a systemic infection. Most MDs will not know how to treat candidiasis because it is not committed to a specific organ. I believe those of us who are blessed with candidiasis have been given an opportunity to take charge of our lives. Candida overgrows in our bodies when our system has become unbalanced. Western medicine wants us to think that we have no control over our health, that we need them to find health; and, if they cannot find a way to alleviate our symptoms, they will dismiss our suffering.

The unbalance that has brought about candida overgrowth must be truly healed. For me, I was bulimic, I drank too much alcohol, and I lived to please others. To me, it was more important for others to “think” I was a great person rather than try to live in peace and happiness. This candida overgrowth has changed me: I no longer binge and purge, I no longer alcohol drink every night, and I wake up every morning telling myself that I am going to love myself back to health. I love me, and candida has brought me to this point. No MD could have made such an impact.

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